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2 Acre facility at Patalganga Built to suit

2 Acre facility at Patalganga Built to suit

A plot  of 2 Acres ready for construction of a built to suit  facility having a in close proximity of India’s largest port JNPT and to India’s financial capital, Mumbai, and Industrial Hub, Pune.

Ideal For

  1. Industrial Facility of manufacture of engineering and other heavy industries.
  2. Food Processing and Beverage Production as supply of WHO compliant water
  3. Warehousing , Stocking and Distribution Centre of all kinds of goods

Building Specification and Area Description

Building can be built to suit custom specifications

  • Maximum Area-50,000 Square feet pre engineered building on a 2 Acre plot 
  • Extensive Road Front
  • Crane -Provision for crane can be provided as per requirement
  • Docking- Any number of Raised Lorry touch docking stations can be provided  to allow for fork lift movement in and out of a 40 feet truck. 30 feet wide road all around the building.
  • MIDC Facility is located in Government Established Industrial Area
  • Full and Clean Documentation - Having all compliance with necessary rules and regulations for setting up an industry.
  • Power Capacity can be provided as per requirement of heavy industries
  • Water -Supply of good clean water suitable for Drinking and WHO complaint. (Can be utilized in Beverage based industry)
  • Commuting -Regular buses from Panvel Train station and auto and shared autos are available.15 kilometres from Panvel Station

Comparison with Taloja

1.Distance from JNPT to our facility is 30 kilometres versus a similar distance of about 32 kilometres from Taloja

2.Additional Patalganga where the facility is Located in an Engineering zone having no chemical plants or factories in the vicinity. Talooja has several chemical facilities which may be in close proximity , injurious to the people working there and the products stored

3.Additional Patalganga has easier access due to newly developed modern road network connecting it to Mumbai.Transportation within Taloja is chocked and due to high traffic ,movement of trucks to and from Taloja can be quite slow.

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